5 Tips for Designing Impactful Ads

No business can survive without proper advertisement. Even with the most unique product or service, you need to spread the word in the most effective way. Countless business owners spend thousands or even millions on ineffective ads and marketing campaigns. This often leads to bankruptcy which leaves entire families unemployed.

With this in mind, we have prepared 5 tips for designing impactful ads. If you are a novice in the world of marketing and advertising, these tips will give you enough knowledge to be sure that you will not lose money from your ads.

1. Show people why you stand out

Before anything else, your advertising needs to show your values and show them directly upon looking. You should know how every brand has a catchy phrase or an entire sentence that explains how fast their service is or what you get for what you pay. There are countless examples that we can give but it is important for you to think of something new and unique that nobody has ever used before.

Now, thinking of something new and unique is not hard and therefore, not enough. You need to add a proposition in these words that will at least make the potential customers think and wonder if they want to try.

2. Grab their attention from the headline

Many of the greatest advertisers in history have said that a powerful headline will, in most cases, do about 80% of the work for you. And when you think about, do you normally spend time on ads that did not attract your attention with their titles?

An effective headline will often make people give your ads a shot. It is enough to only make them click your link. From then on, it all depends on how well you have constructed your advertisements and website.

3. Explain the benefits of your product and make them an irrefutable offer

The key here is to go beyond the regular explanation of your product. Customers want to know what will change for them when they get the product. Besides the obvious features that you always need to mention, give them the benefits of these products.

Furthermore, your potential clients will always be looking for the greatest bargain. Besides the features and benefits, you need to give them a further reason to purchase. It could be free shipping or a more affordable bundle price, or simply the lowest price on the market. All in all, you need to give them as many reasons to purchase on the spot as possible.

4. Add a tone of urgency to your offers and include a call to action

In most cases, even when people take a closer look at your advertisement or even go to your website, it will not be enough to make them want to purchase. In fact, the majority will continue with their day as if nothing happened and will never again remember about your service/product.

What you want from your ads is not to only make people interested for a short period but also give them a boost in confidence to purchase on the spot.

In order to initiate this call to action, you need to write your ads with a semi-persuasive tone and focus on exciting phrases and words that boost the interest. As for the tone of urgency, people tend to purchase on the spot when they see that they have an irreplaceable bargain in front of them that is exclusive.

With this said, your safest bet is to make them a limited offer that will expire in a mentioned period of time. This is also a good moment to mention the benefits of your product for a second time.

5. Make your ads interactive

When was the last time you read an entire long advertisement that didn’t have any pictures, graphics, or video? Think about it, people get interested in visual representations. If you present them with a plain text advertisement, you ensure your own downfall in the long-term vision.

If there are no graphics that can be made about the product/service, simply add a nice photograph of the actual thing. You can even add a picture of yourself or something far different from the internet. In each case, you need to play with their attention and imagination, you cannot simply send them a text to read.