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Build websites
the way you want
We help you focus on your passion. Whether it’s blogging, photography, business, or art—let your website do the talking.



    Take control of your website with Zoho Sites' drag-and-drop builder. With a range of elements and pre-built sections, you'll be able to transform your website into an engaging reflection of your organization in just a few clicks.


    Developers and designers can use the HTML and CSS editors for the ultimate customized effect. Take complete creative control over a template or create one from scratch.


    Convey your message creatively and make your website stand out by embedding audio, video, code snippets, and more.


    Invite colleagues to contribute to your website design. You can also create a member portal where you can allow visitors to access particular pages.


    Fuel discussions and bring your content to life. Write blogs and add comment boxes to convert your casual audience into regular visitors.


    Build SEO-friendly sites so your audience can find you instantly. With built-in SEO tools and sitemaps, your site can rank higher on search engine results. Bring in more traffic and enjoy a wider audience.


    Apart from hosting your website, we also provide SSL certificates and password protected site download which enable you to build GDPR compliant websites.


    Drive traffic to your site with one-click social share buttons.

Pricing #

Try these out with a Flexible Free Trial, and no contracts #


$4/site/month billed annually
  • 5 Pages
  • 500MB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth/month
  • 5 Forms
  • 10MB Max file size
  • 5 Photo gallery
  • Custom domain hosting
  • Ad-free
  • SSL Hosting
  • Code snippet
  • Zoho CRM forms
  • Sales IQ integration
  • Element animation
  • Premium elements
  • Favicon
  • Blog
  • Mobile optimized
  • Header & Footer code
  • Automatic sitemap
  • Message bar


$15/site/month billed annually
  • 50 Pages
  • 100GB Storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 50 Forms
  • 100MB Max file size
  • 200 Photo gallery
  • Page versions
  • 3 Contributors
  • 5 Menus
  • Includes everything in Starter +
  • Single page site
  • Social share button
  • 301 Redirect
  • Audio player
  • Comment box
  • Scheduled blog post
  • Social network auto-publish
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Member portal - 2 members
  • Access restriction
  • Password protection

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