What Does Zoho Offer?

Summary of What Zoho Offers

Zoho is one of the most reputable CRM solution providers in the tech world. With over 40 business-related applications, they offer every type of tool for the successful development and management of your business or service.

The applications provided by Zoho can be divided into several categories that best represent the variety of services:

• Bundle Solutions

• Sales & Marketing

• Email & Collaboration

• Business Processing

• Finance

• IT & Help Desk

• Human Resources

The greatest benefit of Zoho besides the abundance of CRM solutions is the pricing. Since the founding days of the company, it has kept its fair pricing which is why Zoho is one of the most popular providers for smaller businesses that cannot afford to overspend.

While we cannot discuss all 40+ applications, we have selected their most popular services that best summarize what the company has to offer.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an accounting service that is extremely user-friendly and equipped with incredible tools focused on finance. Few other accounting services can match the capabilities of Zoho Books and certainly not at this low cost.

Zoho Books is the perfect finance solution for growing businesses. It is equipped with automatic systems related to financial safety and calculations. It is an application that eliminates the need for data entry as it automatically imports all transactions made with the bank account you connected.

Zoho Desk

With the Zoho Desk software, you get the perfect tools to improve and manage customer support and customer relations. Through the various support channels, you can take your customer support department to the next level.

More importantly, Zoho Desk allows you to provide additional ways for customers to contact your business. Whether it is communication via email or real-time support, a ticketing system or social media support, you can improve the efficiency of your customer support and provide better services for your clients.

Zoho Projects

Running a successful business would be impossible without a proper project management tool and Zoho projects bring all the necessary tools and features in a single package.

It is true that there are far too many project management tools out there and the choice is often hard but few other providers give out this much at such a low cost. With Zoho Projects, you can improve the project planning aspect by using the abundance of customization tools. The application also comes with automatic charts and reports that summarize the progress and information of all active and completed projects.

Moreover, it is equipped with several communication tools that promise to keep all members of your team engaged and up to date with the latest updates. Last but not least, you can integrate Zoho Projects to Google and keep all the important documents and data at one location instead of jumping from several applications and scattering files.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an email platform that you can use as an alternative for your business instead of the usual platforms and websites. If you are wondering why it would be beneficial for you to entirely change the communication between your employees and customers, we can give you several convincing positives.

As you know, the regular email platforms used by tenths of millions of people are often slow and packed with advertisements and unnecessary features. Zoho Mail is ad-free, it is fast and trustworthy, and comes with an abundance of features and benefits necessary for successful communication and improvement of this department of your business.

Zoho Mail gives you the ability to create email templates that can significantly improve the response time of your employees, it is equipped with a filtering system that automatically imports the incoming emails into respective categories of folders, and a variety of other useful tools.

Zoho CRM

Customer Relationship Management is perhaps the most important aspect of business growth and thus, every company needs a good CRM application. With Zoho CRM, you will have full control over customer service & relations, as well as the marketing aspect of the business.

Many of the popular CRM services out there require additional knowledge and a lot of time to understand. Zoho CRM comes with a simple interface that you can start using without spending a week reading instructions.

It is known for the abundance of automation capabilities that allow you to automate the regular tasks involved in everyday processing in order to save you time and effort. It is equipped with an abundance of communication channels that can keep you connected to your customers and also the perfect tools to manage each client.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Zoho CRM is the endless stream of add-ons and plug-ins that you can add at low costs or entirely for free and customize your tool to match the business needs.